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Nia’s Pizzeria

41 King’s Plaza, Oley, PA 19547

(610) 987-3676

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We originally went to Nia's during the Oley fair. We ate there and the service and food were both good. We have gone back several times and never got a bad meal. I love the Big New Yorker pizza and there strombolis I usually stay away from strombolis because it seems everything is on one side and the other side is empty crust and most times there is so much juice running out of them the bottom crust is a soggy mess, but not from Nia's the way they put it together each bite had yummy filling in it and there was no soggy wet bottom crust and they sprinkle some spices over the top that is the perfect finishing touch. We will definitely be going back again!!!

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Pizza/Stromboli's usually come out half-done. Food is good otherwise. Crab fries and boom-boom sauce is awesome, but beware of the kick.
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